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This section gathers together some of the Research Team's investigations which are linked to individual people:

Interesting Characters

Articles written by the Team about a somewhat eclectic selection of subjects,  often originating from current research projects or enquiries to the Museum.

Memories of Lyme

Individuals' own recollections of Lyme either as written in their own words or photographs or as recorded from interviews with them. These first hand accounts inevitably vary in accuracy but are always interesting.

Soon these files will be listed with descriptions, but meantime these first- hand Memories of Lyme can be accessed here


Trade Directories (Lyme Regis) 1823-1903

We have created and included here a compilation of Lyme Regis Trade Directories covering the period between 1823 and 1903. This has proved invaluable in our "people researches" and may well help others trying to establish when and where a named individual trader lived.


Sun Fire Office Records 1778-93

Sun Records Oct 1880-June 1895

Another source of information used are the records of the Sun Insurance Fire Office: Those for 1788-93 list who owned/lived in certain streets, along with their occupations, whilst the later records for 1880-1895 give not only the name and occupation but also the address and the contents insured.


Interesting Characters

Interesting Characters

Allen, Vandelow Hobman. 

A well-known entrepreneur involved in many enterprises in the 1920s -1950s. An overview of his life plus other material such as cuttings he collected about himself.

Andros, Thomas

A description of his life and the diaries he kept from 1788-1831 which give fascinating details of everyday life. 

Anderson, Lady  Abbott 1888 - 1973

Used her social position to instigate and support many useful social organisations

Brown, Nancy, Confidential Servant to the Ingram Family

A servant buried in the churchyard with the family she served sparked research.


Coode Family

Tracing a family ,many buried in the churchyard, from 1805 to the 1920s.

Crabb, Albert J & Frederick W

Highlights of the life of a 19th  century  father and one of his sons.

Fielding, Henry & the wealthy heiress

An early escapade in the life of the author of "Tom Jones".

Govier, Samuel - Master Smith of Lyme Regis

Information about the subject of James Whistler's famous painting.

Nicholson, Rev Peter Charles

Vicar in Lyme Regis from 1974-80


Peterson, William - Auction 1821

The sale particulars give an interesting insight into everyday life.

Philpot Sisters - Final Resting Place

Research has identified the plots where the 3 sisters are buried.


Raison, Molly, nee Wiscombe

Born in 1911, these are her recollections in 2006 plus additional research.

Ramsbottom, Harold John 

Town Clerk 1912-1934 and sole Solicitor at Hillman & Bond 1912-1946

Rice, William Bellet, RN

Born in Membury in 1784, died in Sherborne Lane aged 89, having served in the Navy under Nelson and others.

Rev Geoffrey L Tiarks

Reports from newspapers as he leaves Lyme in 1961


Lyme Regis - as described by Rev Tiarks in 1955

Waring, Eleanor Emma (Sister Emma)

Born in 1838, well-educated although the 4th child of 11, her recollections in 1909 of songs her mother sang have been used by Steeleye Span amongst others.

Wingrave, Dr V H Wyatt - Obituary


The first curator of the Museum after a long and distinguished medical career.

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