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Copy of ALBUMS 

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Postcards and collections of photographs or newspaper cuttings have proved a valuable resource for the Research Team, especially when dated and/or captioned. 

Here are some of those that have been digitized and for which permission has been given to share.


First though, a special mention of the unique scrapbook compiled by Guliema Lister with the help of her friend Blanche Palmer. It is an eclectic mix of newspaper cuttings, annotated postcards and photographs, handwritten drawings, maps, diagrams and transcriptions. that provides an invaluable record of Lyme history from the mid-Victorian era to the 1920s.  This wonderful collection, christened the Lister Thesaurus, is now available for you to browse.[ If you would like more detailed information about the Lister family, see this article on the Museum's own website by Richard Bull

Marine Parade 1926

Pulman's Weekly News 1857

Items relating to Lyme Regis extracted by the Research Team

William J Emmett's Newspaper scrapbooks

William John Emmett (1876-1963) was mayor of Lyme Regis for eight years from 1937 to1945. He kept newspaper cuttings of his activities as mayor, which provide an excellent record of the municipal life of the town.

Local Newspaper Cuttings (mainly 2013)

An eclectic selection from the local press, including several in the series "100 years ago".

Van Allen Newspaper Cuttings (1923-1935)

 Extracts transcribed by the Research Team. 

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